Contact The West Central Illinois Friends of NRA Committee

If you are interested in learning more about the West Central Friends of the NRA please contact any of our committee members for more information. You may also find us on Facebook. Or you can contact us by e-mail at our GMail address - WCIFNRA at
Below is a list of members with some contact information.

  • Chairman - Trevor Lahey
    (217) 243-4433 -
  • Treasurer - Tyler Aring - (217) 473-2827
  • Dave Acker - (217) 245-9792 or
  • John Stewart - (217) 370-6801
  • Steve Naber
  • Secretary - Tanell Anders – (217) 370-8593
  • Lynndell Jarrett - (217) 473-7272 - Leave message
  • Tiffany Gehrke - (217) 883-1248
  • Buck Lahey
  • Blake Waggener
  • Jayden Lahey

We are always on the lookout for new members for our committee since new blood usually means new ideas. If you would like to know more about the Friends of the NRA in general you may also want to check out the national web site at the Friends of NRA link below. The other links will take you to other parts of the Friends of NRA site or to the main NRA site so you can learn about all the things the NRA does for American citizens.